From time to time you will hear Democrats speak of reparations.  Even some of those within the international community even say that the United States owe reparations to those whose ancestors were slaves.

The interesting thing about this issue is that it has already taken place.  If W.E.B. DuBois wrote in his book, “The Souls of Black Folk”, he discusses this issue at length.

The United States created a branch called the Freedmen’s Bureau.  They were in charge of distributing the land and mules. Once that was allocated out, the men that were once slave owners were then beaten and then released IF they survived.

No, reparations took place already and all discussions of it should cease! Those that continue are looking to implement communism, be wary!


Author: The Loud Conservative

Political diatribe and some humor thrown in the mix! Some stunning photos may appear from time to time also!

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