The President We Deserve…

Typically you can see what the temperament of the country is like when they elect a president.

With the prior eight years you can easily say that people were looking for a savior of some sort. THANK GOD HE FAILED! I don’t say that because I wanted him to, I say it because it took a while for us to get on our knees to ask for the right person to bring a sense of purpose and pride to this nation.

Am I saying I’m all in for Trump? Not at all. My primary choice was Ted Cruz. I too struggled with supporting Trump, the same as others. A good friend of mine told me he was optimistic as to what Trump could accomplish. He saw some things that I couldn’t. I’m staying cautiously optimistic because I’m concerned that he is similar to that of Nero. Albeit he has done great and exceeded my expectations and everyone else’s. I am thankful for that. He’s done some of the things that my friend had hoped.

I see Trump’s presidency on the parallel of a quote from The Dark Knight. At the end of the movie, Commissioner Gordon is explaining to his son why Batman is running, even in his innocence. “He’s a guardian. A watchful protector. A hero, not the hero we need but the hero we deserve.” So, this president that we deserve also has a backbone. Something that the last Republican POTUS’ have not had. They were too concerned with public opinion polls as opposed to actually taking care of the nation. Trump is the president we deserve!


Author: The Loud Conservative

Political diatribe and some humor thrown in the mix! Some stunning photos may appear from time to time also!

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