Addicts Running the Country…

It should come as no surprise, that we look to our elected representatives for answers to complex questions and answers. Most recently, the US House and Senate passed a 4155 page bill that approved for $1.65 trillion dollars in spending. sure you can say it was a bipartisan spending bill, but you can also say it was bipartisan irresponsible spending! I don’t have the full breakdown of the bill. I think it would take quite a few weeks to analyze it, come on, it’s over 4,000 pages. Even the fastest readers can’t finish in a week!

When we look to our leaders, we seem to look for a quick fix. When that happens, we get irresponsible spending and decisions! I think we can all agree that life gets complicated, but I’m certain that life doesn’t command 4,155 pages of bad policy. It’s as if their addiction is spending money and we need to stop it! I’d say it’s worse than an addiction, it’s a God complex! We have ceded so much power to those representing us in D.C. because we have become too busy. We have taken our eyes off what really matters. As a result, we have placed people who have become addicts, to run our country! This is how we got into this mess.

Who in their right mind allows an addict to run their household?!? When we have several hundred of them, it becomes a major problem! In this example, a $1.65 trillion dollar bill, where it doesn’t address the needs of the country!


A Thankful Memorial Day…

As we sit and reflect on the freedoms that we have left, we know that it wasn’t without great sacrifice that our nation was able to become what it is today.

I am often reminded of the times. Would interact with my Papa. He served in WWII in the Pacific theater. I do not know in what capacity, but from what I have seen and read, that was quite horrific.

I didn’t have a good relationship with him. As a matter of fact, the man scared the bejeezus out of us when we were young. We would go to his house for family gatherings and when we would shake his hand, he would tell us, “you touch anything and I’ll cut your fingers off.” All said while showing us the blade of a pocket knife. It was horrifying then.

I had heard that before going to war, he was a nice young man. A kind and gentle soul. When he returned, he wasn’t the same.

Just before I turned thirteen, we moved out of state to Colorado. After that, I hardly saw him anymore. I could count on one hand how many times. I do know, my parents adopted two Korean children, and Papa took to the boy, the youngest of all the siblings. We were dumbfounded. We didn’t understand it.

After so many years, I think he took to the youngest because perhaps he was able to finally quell some misgivings about people of certain backgrounds. I don’t know. I am only making assumptions here forward.

When he passed away, I was the only child from my immediate family to go to his funeral. My mom had asked me to take some photos, to which I did. One of my aunts recalled him as being a mean SOB. I remember that part of the conversation, because we were watching Gran Torino, and Clint Eastwood’s character reminded her of him in that manner.

I believe now, if I had a chance to visit with him, we could have some interesting discussions. That’s what I would like to believe anyhow. When you stop and think about it, if it weren’t for home, there’s I don’t exist, my family doesn’t exist.

To those who have gone before us, having sacrificed their all, and to those who came back broken and in pieces, thank you.

And to Papa, thank you, I love you. Hope to see you on the other side.

Merry Christmas!

I have been reading the Book of St Luke’s Gospel the last couple of weeks. What a wonderful first couple of chapters! I have always read Matthew’s account, as do most people. The Book of Luke provides great testimony as to the Savior we have received.

Imagine having a conversation with the Angel of God being told you were bearing the Savior. Imagine going and telling your relative, Elizabeth, who was thought to be barren, and now she is six months along in her pregnancy. After the same Angel who appeared to her husband, and because of his unbelief, became mute! Upon Elizabeth hearing the news, the baby in her womb leaps for joy!

The Prophet Isaiah in the 53rd chapter discusses Him who would be the Messiah! Whether you refer to Isaiah as being in the Old Testament or in the Tanakh, it is all the same!

If you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, this is a reason to rejoice! While a very joyful time to celebrate, this is humbling! it is sometimes difficult to remember His grace and mercy in the midst of the chaos that occurs in this world. May you find Grace, mercy and forgiveness in His name. God bless you all!

I Didn’t Trust Them, Why Did You???

Back during the 2012 general election season, Mitt Romney was going toe to toe with Barack Hussein Obama in the debates. At one point and time, Mitt was really cleaning O’s clock. Then something happened – foreign policy debate issues.

Mitt Romney was saying that Russia was one of our country’s largest adversaries. He was hammering on this point. When it came to Obama’s rebuttal of this topic, he mimicked and chided Romney stating, “the 80’s called and they want their foreign policy back.”

Prior to this exchange, Obama had been caught on a hot mic saying to a Russian diplomat, “this is my last election, when it’s over, we’ll talk again.” Interesting, yes?

Let’s fast forward to 2016, Trump pulls the upset since the beginning of the last century and wins the presidential election! A lot of people were surprised. Most have been pleasantly surprised since.

Because the Democrats cannot believe that they lost so badly, (perhaps they would have rather had McCain run again) they had to bring up this Russian collusion incident. The very same incident that the Mueller report investigated and found no evidence of collusion. But the corrupt U.S. Media has insisted that the Russians were behind it all.

Where am I going with this? Here is where I am going with it; if Russia wasn’t a hostile adversary in 2012, what made them a hostile adversary in 2016?

If the Russians were able to purchase some of our country’s plutonium from Hillary, why would they want to have her not be the Commander in Chief? The Clintons have undercut and undersold the United States since Slick Willie was in office when he gave some of our military secrets to China. He gave those military secrets to them in exchange for donations to his re-election campaign. So, if we want to be against foreign interference in campaigns, I believe we need to be looking at the Democrats. Be on the lookout for the Democrats to blame the Chinese for their next failure. Anyone here speak Mandarin?

Do You Like Foreign Interference???

It is amazing that the Democrats have been hounding and pounding President Trump and convicting him as guilty in a trial by public opinion. With no evidence of Russian collusion found over a span of two years, their theme continues to be, “No more foreign interference!”

Most people in the country would agree with that sentiment! Even Trump’s supporters!

However, when it comes to allowing illegal aliens to vote, Democrats are wanting to give them voting rights. Think about that for a second. The very thing that Democrats are wanting to do, is allow foreigners the ability to interfere with our elections. TOTAL HYPOCRITES!

This is a slap in the face to all the foreigners who came here legally and waited. going through the arduously long process. Passing the civics test to qualify to be a U.S. Citizen. Paying their dues in order to get the benefits of being a citizen.

These Democrats, especially the presidential candidates, seem as if they have never raised children. Or they have them and never disciplined them. Allowing their children to become nothing but spoiled children, never allowing them to struggle or feel the sting or pain of disappointment.

These Democrats only allow themselves to be perceived as righteous when they want. With a corrupt media that gives them cover, it’s no wonder they are able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. The spineless parents or the adorning grandparents that love to spoil children and never let those people learn anything, no matter the cost!

Hello….from the business world…

Being in the business or corporate sector is interesting. For the most part I have been in small to midsize companies where interacting with others is unavoidable.

The business world is a heartless bastard. It can be cruel and heartless. But that’s the business side. The people, if you get a chance to know them can be very fun to know. Some whose company you enjoy and then there are those you want no part of outside of the office.

One thing I have noticed, especially in large companies, when you say hello to someone in the hall, you would expect something in return. That’s not even the case in my most recent experience as a consultant.

Granted we are here to work and have a main goal of making the company money. Aside from that, when people work somewhere, does that mean manners go out the window? I have worked with people of all levels of income class. Some at the higher level, I’m not sure they have enough money to buy any manners. The younger or even lower levels don’t seem to have any manners either. What, you can’t use them as a tool on a daily basis to get what you need? Notice I said “daily”? When you use them only to attain a small specific thing, that “niceness” you display for that short bit, will gain you nothing eventually.

When I see someone in the halls, I generally say “hello”. When nothing comes back, even when the person looks me in the eyes. Pretty rude! Everyone says “we need to be kind to like one another.” Really? So when someone says “Hi” to you and you neglect to respond, how is that you being kind? Kindness is not some grandiose concept, it is very simple in its design.

I know it’s the business world, but damn! Even a small “hello” goes a long way!

The President We Deserve…

Typically you can see what the temperament of the country is like when they elect a president.

With the prior eight years you can easily say that people were looking for a savior of some sort. THANK GOD HE FAILED! I don’t say that because I wanted him to, I say it because it took a while for us to get on our knees to ask for the right person to bring a sense of purpose and pride to this nation.

Am I saying I’m all in for Trump? Not at all. My primary choice was Ted Cruz. I too struggled with supporting Trump, the same as others. A good friend of mine told me he was optimistic as to what Trump could accomplish. He saw some things that I couldn’t. I’m staying cautiously optimistic because I’m concerned that he is similar to that of Nero. Albeit he has done great and exceeded my expectations and everyone else’s. I am thankful for that. He’s done some of the things that my friend had hoped.

I see Trump’s presidency on the parallel of a quote from The Dark Knight. At the end of the movie, Commissioner Gordon is explaining to his son why Batman is running, even in his innocence. “He’s a guardian. A watchful protector. A hero, not the hero we need but the hero we deserve.” So, this president that we deserve also has a backbone. Something that the last Republican POTUS’ have not had. They were too concerned with public opinion polls as opposed to actually taking care of the nation. Trump is the president we deserve!


From time to time you will hear Democrats speak of reparations.  Even some of those within the international community even say that the United States owe reparations to those whose ancestors were slaves.

The interesting thing about this issue is that it has already taken place.  If W.E.B. DuBois wrote in his book, “The Souls of Black Folk”, he discusses this issue at length.

The United States created a branch called the Freedmen’s Bureau.  They were in charge of distributing the land and mules. Once that was allocated out, the men that were once slave owners were then beaten and then released IF they survived.

No, reparations took place already and all discussions of it should cease! Those that continue are looking to implement communism, be wary!

Vote Ted Cruz…

I am a fan of Ted Cruz! We voted him in the US Senate 6 years ago and he has done everything we asked him to do. I have met the man several times and let him know that I appreciate everything he has done for the State of Texas. He has been a great representative for this great state!

I know and understand that some people are considering not voting for him. These are fellow conservatives. I have seen some of them reason as to him having bowed before the orange clown (supporting Donald Trump). They believe that he (Ted) should have never supported the man. They refer to him as weak for not standing by his wife when DJT attacked her.

Well, if they would open their ears they would have heard Ted explain why he eventually came to that point. Ted explained he did it because the state of Texas sent him to DC to do a job! Not to go and vote and act in his own personal interests and act like a Child as some conservatives who attack him are doing! As for how Ted not sticking up for his wife, you don’t know what happens behind the scenes. How do you know Ted didn’t discuss it with Heidi as to how to move forward? How do you know that Ted didn’t have a conversation with DJT and tell him, “you want my support, you owe me and my wife an apology!” Bottom line…it really is none of our business! If Ted and President Trump buried the hatchet, so should you! After all, President Trump has been relying on Ted’s input. You can bet he will continue to do so when Ted Cruz gets back there.

So, quit being a sort of willow and go vote Ted Cruz for US Senator!

Information on Mr Figueroa for Republican Party of Texas Chair…

Here in Texas, Tom Mechler resigned his post of Rep Party of Texas Chair.  As the role had started to take its toll on his personal life, he decided to step aside.  A very wise move.

I had received some information regarding Mr. Figueroa this week and wanted to share it with you.  I didn’t compile the information, however I am disseminating it as I received it.   I hope you find it useful in your decision making on who you may support for the next RPT Chair.

Richard Scott “Rick” Figueroa Political Background and Activity CONTRIBUTION HISTORY Campaign finance records on file with the Texas Ethics Commission, Federal Election Commission, and City of Houston indicate Figueroa has been a modest donor to a small handful of candidates and political action committees since 2006. His contribution history is as follows: Donations on file with FEC: 4/10/13 $250 to John Cornyn http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?13020330116 3/15/08 

$500 to John McCain http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?13941009430 8/23/08 

$500 to John McCain http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?13941073520 12/23/13 

$300 to Fort Bend Republican Party http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?14940308511 

Donations on file with TEC: 5/9/16 $375 to Republican Women of Greater North Texas PAC 6/5/06 $200 to Kristi Thibaut 10/9/13 $250 to Hispanic Republicans of Texas 11/21/14 $250 to Lois Kolkhorst 4/12/17 $500 to Republican Women of Greater North Texas PAC 10/2/13 

$350 to Spirit of Freedom Republican Women 11/18/13 

$20 to Fort Bend Republican Women’s Club PAC Donations on file with City of Houston: 7/22/09 

$250 to Gene Locke There is no record of Figueroa contributing to the Republican Party of Texas in an amount that would trigger mandatory public disclosure of the contribution ($200 or more per election cycle for contributions to a Federal account). CONTRIBUTION TO KRISTI THIBAUT In 2006, Democrats targeted Texas House District 133 as a pickup opportunity. This was an open seat which been vacated by Republican State Representative Joe Nixon. The general election campaign featured Republican nominee Jim Murphy and Democratic nominee Kristi Thibaut.   

Thibaut’s campaign finance reports on file with the Texas Ethics Commission indicate she received a $200 contribution from Figueroa on 6/5/20061. In addition to Figueroa’s contribution, Thibaut’s campaign also received financial support from a variety of union interests as well as Planned Parenthood2. The Democrats’ attempts to turn District 133 blue in 2006 were unsuccessful, with Murphy defeating Thibaut and holding the seat for Republicans. Although she was defeated by Murphy, Thibaut still managed to find work at the State Capitol during the 2007 legislative session- as a paid lobbyist for the disgraced and scandal plagued organization ACORN. Thibaut’s paid work for ACORN was highlighted by the Republican Party of Texas during one of Thibaut’s subsequent campaigns for the Texas House3. (Note: Per state law, campaign finance records posted on the Texas Ethics Commission’s website do not include a contributor’s full street address, just the contributor’s city and ZIP code. The entry on the campaign finance report showing Figueroa’s contribution to the Thibaut campaign shows a Sugar Land, Texas ZIP code where Figueroa and his wife resided at the time the contribution was made.) CONTRIBUTION TO GENE LOCKE In the open race for Mayor of Houston in 2009, many grassroots Republicans supported the candidacy of Roy Morales. While technically a non-partisan election, Morales was the only viable candidate with a Republican history, and was serving at the time as a Republican member of the Harris County Department of Education board. Morales faced three major Democratic opponents- city councilman Peter Brown, city controller Annise Parker, and former city attorney Gene Locke. Many prominent Democratic elected officials in the Houston area, including State Senators John Whitmire, Mario Gallegos, and Rodney Ellis, were prominent supporters of Locke’s mayoral campaign. Locke’s campaign finance records on file with the City of Houston indicate he received a $250 contribution from Figueroa on 7/22/09. HOUSTON BUSINESS EDUCATION COALITION PAC Figueroa is a member of the board of the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC4, which endorses and makes financial contributions to candidates in Houston ISD and Houston Community College Board elections. While the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC claims to support “reform-minded” candidates, there are numerous examples where this PAC endorsed and/or contributed to liberal candidates who had markedly conservative opponents. 1http://    2http://    3https://www.texasgop.org/texas-‐republicans-‐expose-‐democrat-‐state-‐rep-‐kristi-‐thibauts-‐ties-to-‐discredited-‐acorn/    4http://houstonbec.org/about/     

Kevin Hoffman- In 2013, the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC endorsed and contributed $10,000 to Kevin Hoffman, a candidate for the Houston Community College Board. At the time of this election, Hoffman served as President of the Greater Heights Democratic Club and treasurer of Houston Stonewall Young Democrats (a LGBTQ advocacy organization)7. Hoffman came in third place in a three-way race against Democratic activist and union official Zeph Capo and incumbent HCC board member Yolanda Navarro Flores. Adriana Tamez- In 2013, the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC endorsed8 and contributed $41,5009 to Adriana Tamez, a Houston ISD administrator who was challenging incumbent Houston Community College Board member Herlinda Garcia. While both Tamez and Garcia had Democratic histories, there were significant ideological differences between the two candidates. This was reflected in the endorsements received by the candidates, with Tamez receiving backing from prominent Democratic activists and organizations10 and Garcia receiving support from conservatives including former Harris County Republican Party Chairman Gary Polland.11 Tamez defeated Garcia in a runoff election. Bruce Austin- In 2013, the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC endorsed12 and contributed $2,50013 to Democrat and longtime HCC board member Bruce Austin. His opponent, Dave Wilson, was well known in the Houston area for his many years of conservative activism, particularly on family values issues. Wilson narrowly defeated Austin in a major upset. Robert Glaser- In 2013, the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC endorsed14 and contributed $10,00015 to Democrat Robert Glaser in a race for an open seat on the Houston Community College board. Glaser was opposed by Phil Kunetka, a Navy veteran who had been active in Republican party activities for some time. Glaser defeated Kunetka in a runoff election. 5http://www.prnewswire.com/news-‐releases/houston-‐business-‐education-‐coalition-‐pac-‐hbec-endorses-‐kevin-‐j-‐hoffman-‐in-‐fall-‐hcc-‐election-‐227878691.html    6http://    7http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=56478    8http://www.prnewswire.com/news-‐releases/houston-‐business-‐education-‐coalition-‐pac-‐hbec-endorses-‐adriana-‐tamez-‐in-‐fall-‐hcc-‐election-‐227874341.html    9http://   and    10   http://www.harrisyds.org/houston-‐elections-‐2013.html  11http://www.texasconservativereview.com/TCR_Nov_2013_Houston_Voters_Guide/    12http://www.prnewswire.com/news-‐releases/houston-‐business-‐education-‐coalition-‐pac-hbec-‐endorses-‐bruce-‐austin-‐in-‐fall-‐hcc-‐election-‐228252281.html   13http://    

14   http://www.prnewswire.com/news-‐releases/houston-‐business-‐education-‐coalition-‐pac-hbec-‐endorses-‐robert-‐glaser-‐in-‐fall-‐hcc-‐election-‐228252211.html    

15http://   and     

Zeph Capo- After Kevin Hoffman (see above) failed to make the runoff election against incumbent Houston Community College board member Yolanda Navarro Flores, the Houston Business Education Coalition PAC threw its support and $20,000 in campaign contributions16 behind Zeph Capo, Flores’ remaining opponent. At the time of this election, Capo served as a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee and worked for an affiliate of the AFLCIO.17 While Flores also had a Democratic history, she ran a campaign on a platform that was significantly further to the right of Capo (and Hoffman). The ideological differences between Capo and Flores are why well known Houston-area Republican elected officials such as Orlando Sanchez18 and Chris Daniel endorsed Flores’ campaign. Capo defeated Flores in the runoff election. VIEWS ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION After his unsuccessful campaign for Republican National Committeeman against incumbent Robin Armstrong, Figueroa served as a member of the Trump campaign’s Hispanic advisory council. In September 2016, after Trump gave a speech regarding the need for an aggressive stand against illegal immigration, Figueroa made comments critical of Trump to the media.19 Figueroa also posted a statement on his website critical of Trump’s speech and indicating his personal opposition to the deportation of illegal immigrants.20 OTHER ACTIVITIES Figueroa was appointed to the board of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation by Governor Abbott in May, 2016 and was previously appointed to the Texas Judicial Council by Governor Perry. Figueroa’s biography identifies him as an “Ambassador” for the Greater Houston Partnership21 and the Greater Houston Partnership’s member directory identifies Figueroa as a “Life Member.”22 In 2015, the Greater Houston Partnership was active in efforts in support of the “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance” that would have required Houston businesses to allow men to use women’s restrooms. In addition to publicly supporting the ordinance, the Greater Houston Partnership contributed $71,760 to the unsuccessful campaign to pass the ordinance. 


17   http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=56475     18https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TDuNcZZkw5pkqew5b8MNf4INTV2gUZESIcaJThM3CKVcy1Yr-PI2np92XoAG/edit  19https://www.texastribune.org/2016/09/01/after-‐speech-‐trump-‐loses-‐key-‐texas-‐hispanic-backer/   

  20http://web.archive.org/web/20160907215115/https://www.rickfortexas.com/2016/09/01/my-statement-‐on-‐donald-‐trump-‐immigration-‐and-‐the-‐republican-‐party/    21http://gov.texas.gov/news/appointment/22317    22http://trendmag2.trendoffset.com/publication/index.php?i=219660&m=&l=&p=150&pre=&ver =html5#{“page”:150,”issue_id”:219660}