Addicts Running the Country…

It should come as no surprise, that we look to our elected representatives for answers to complex questions and answers. Most recently, the US House and Senate passed a 4155 page bill that approved for $1.65 trillion dollars in spending. sure you can say it was a bipartisan spending bill, but you can also say it was bipartisan irresponsible spending! I don’t have the full breakdown of the bill. I think it would take quite a few weeks to analyze it, come on, it’s over 4,000 pages. Even the fastest readers can’t finish in a week!

When we look to our leaders, we seem to look for a quick fix. When that happens, we get irresponsible spending and decisions! I think we can all agree that life gets complicated, but I’m certain that life doesn’t command 4,155 pages of bad policy. It’s as if their addiction is spending money and we need to stop it! I’d say it’s worse than an addiction, it’s a God complex! We have ceded so much power to those representing us in D.C. because we have become too busy. We have taken our eyes off what really matters. As a result, we have placed people who have become addicts, to run our country! This is how we got into this mess.

Who in their right mind allows an addict to run their household?!? When we have several hundred of them, it becomes a major problem! In this example, a $1.65 trillion dollar bill, where it doesn’t address the needs of the country!


Merry Christmas!

I have been reading the Book of St Luke’s Gospel the last couple of weeks. What a wonderful first couple of chapters! I have always read Matthew’s account, as do most people. The Book of Luke provides great testimony as to the Savior we have received.

Imagine having a conversation with the Angel of God being told you were bearing the Savior. Imagine going and telling your relative, Elizabeth, who was thought to be barren, and now she is six months along in her pregnancy. After the same Angel who appeared to her husband, and because of his unbelief, became mute! Upon Elizabeth hearing the news, the baby in her womb leaps for joy!

The Prophet Isaiah in the 53rd chapter discusses Him who would be the Messiah! Whether you refer to Isaiah as being in the Old Testament or in the Tanakh, it is all the same!

If you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, this is a reason to rejoice! While a very joyful time to celebrate, this is humbling! it is sometimes difficult to remember His grace and mercy in the midst of the chaos that occurs in this world. May you find Grace, mercy and forgiveness in His name. God bless you all!