Vote Ted Cruz…

I am a fan of Ted Cruz! We voted him in the US Senate 6 years ago and he has done everything we asked him to do. I have met the man several times and let him know that I appreciate everything he has done for the State of Texas. He has been a great representative for this great state!

I know and understand that some people are considering not voting for him. These are fellow conservatives. I have seen some of them reason as to him having bowed before the orange clown (supporting Donald Trump). They believe that he (Ted) should have never supported the man. They refer to him as weak for not standing by his wife when DJT attacked her.

Well, if they would open their ears they would have heard Ted explain why he eventually came to that point. Ted explained he did it because the state of Texas sent him to DC to do a job! Not to go and vote and act in his own personal interests and act like a Child as some conservatives who attack him are doing! As for how Ted not sticking up for his wife, you don’t know what happens behind the scenes. How do you know Ted didn’t discuss it with Heidi as to how to move forward? How do you know that Ted didn’t have a conversation with DJT and tell him, “you want my support, you owe me and my wife an apology!” Bottom line…it really is none of our business! If Ted and President Trump buried the hatchet, so should you! After all, President Trump has been relying on Ted’s input. You can bet he will continue to do so when Ted Cruz gets back there.

So, quit being a sort of willow and go vote Ted Cruz for US Senator!


Author: The Loud Conservative

Political diatribe and some humor thrown in the mix! Some stunning photos may appear from time to time also!

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