Nerds Rule….

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately (I know, scary right?) about how when I was younger I was called a nerd for liking school.  Boy do I wish I would have not listened to those that said that.  Little did any of us know that not only is learning good but it will take you places.

As a young kid we, I say we because it was a generational thing, were under the impression that unless you were cool (you know the athletic type) it was difficult to be accepted.  Who doesn’t want to be accepted?  Now days, I wish I would have been more of a nerd.   Had I known then what I know now, I wish I would have with stood being called a nerd.  No one likes to have labels like that attached to them, especially when they are intended to be derogatory.   Now days, I believe that has changed.  If you want to be cool you have to be a nerd.

Most nerds get the girls anymore too.  Now wait a minute, is it because the girls they attract are attracted to them or is it that they know they will make major bucks down the line?  Oh no, that can’t be it.  No, I know, the brainy guys make those girls hot when they talk nerd.  Ladies, am I right?  Or maybe they want to eat their brains.  Ok, the link isn’t that appropriate, but still, it happened.

Take a look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (granted Steve Jobs has passed on, but the point remains).  Two TOTAL nerd types.  Imagine all the chastisement that they encountered for being such people.  Look at them now, they continued to learn and apply the sciences they learned and developed.  Their wealth of knowledge took them places.  Their wealth of knowledge became their wealth.

In Massachusetts, they have over one hundred universities in that region.  In Massachusetts, they also have the most educated workforce in the nation.  As most adults have noticed, all the nerds have made some of the greatest achievements to the quality of life in our nation.  Where are all the cool people now? Oh wait, they are running companies.



Author: The Loud Conservative

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