Merry Christmas!

I have been reading the Book of St Luke’s Gospel the last couple of weeks. What a wonderful first couple of chapters! I have always read Matthew’s account, as do most people. The Book of Luke provides great testimony as to the Savior we have received.

Imagine having a conversation with the Angel of God being told you were bearing the Savior. Imagine going and telling your relative, Elizabeth, who was thought to be barren, and now she is six months along in her pregnancy. After the same Angel who appeared to her husband, and because of his unbelief, became mute! Upon Elizabeth hearing the news, the baby in her womb leaps for joy!

The Prophet Isaiah in the 53rd chapter discusses Him who would be the Messiah! Whether you refer to Isaiah as being in the Old Testament or in the Tanakh, it is all the same!

If you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, this is a reason to rejoice! While a very joyful time to celebrate, this is humbling! it is sometimes difficult to remember His grace and mercy in the midst of the chaos that occurs in this world. May you find Grace, mercy and forgiveness in His name. God bless you all!


Author: The Loud Conservative

Political diatribe and some humor thrown in the mix! Some stunning photos may appear from time to time also!

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