Do You Like Foreign Interference???

It is amazing that the Democrats have been hounding and pounding President Trump and convicting him as guilty in a trial by public opinion. With no evidence of Russian collusion found over a span of two years, their theme continues to be, “No more foreign interference!”

Most people in the country would agree with that sentiment! Even Trump’s supporters!

However, when it comes to allowing illegal aliens to vote, Democrats are wanting to give them voting rights. Think about that for a second. The very thing that Democrats are wanting to do, is allow foreigners the ability to interfere with our elections. TOTAL HYPOCRITES!

This is a slap in the face to all the foreigners who came here legally and waited. going through the arduously long process. Passing the civics test to qualify to be a U.S. Citizen. Paying their dues in order to get the benefits of being a citizen.

These Democrats, especially the presidential candidates, seem as if they have never raised children. Or they have them and never disciplined them. Allowing their children to become nothing but spoiled children, never allowing them to struggle or feel the sting or pain of disappointment.

These Democrats only allow themselves to be perceived as righteous when they want. With a corrupt media that gives them cover, it’s no wonder they are able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. The spineless parents or the adorning grandparents that love to spoil children and never let those people learn anything, no matter the cost!