Bob Rehak has a Fact Problem…

In a blog ( posted under the “News” heading found on Bob Rehak’s campaign website, he calls the Kingwood TEA Party a hate group and stated that they were intimidating a “young mother – who is also a candidate” because she does not support vouchers. He further makes an assertion that the Kingwood TEA Party is in favor of vouchers.

FACT – The Kingwood TEA Party is in favor of Educational Savings Accounts, not vouchers.

The “young mother” running for school board is in fact, Abigail Whitmire. He goes on to accuse TEA Party leaders of “furtively” taking photos of a tent located on public property outside of a polling location where she and her child were, while passing out literature that stated her employment with Planned Parenthood.

FACT – Abigail Whitmire did work for Planned Parenthood as a Public Affairs Field Specialist. This information was found on her LinkedIn profile.

Bob Rehak has threatened to sue for taking photos of Ms. Whitmire along with her supporters while they are speaking with or waiting for voters at the public polling place. If Ms. Whitmire, Mr. Rehak and their supporters feel their children are at risk at the polling location, why are they taking them there? No justifiable answer was given.

FACT – If you are in plain view of the public, you can ask for someone to stop filming/photographing you, however they do not have to stop. There is not a “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy” for candidates especially when outside a polling location.

FACT – The only “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy” a candidate has is to that of their medical records.

 Bob Rehak and his supporters are taking a page out of the Democrat playbook by trying to bully and intimidate grassroots activists into backing off. While you may not see them at the polls, the grassroots are actively working elsewhere in the community, county and state.

A member of the voting community posed a question in response to Mr. Rehak’s assertion that almost 1 in 4 7th graders cannot read at grade level ( & ) in which data from was cited. The question asked Mr. Rehak for his opinion as to why scores in HISD, the Houston region and across the state fell from 5th grade to 6th & 7th grades and then increased in 8th grade again. A screenshot of Mr. Rehak response is below.


FACT: According to the TEA website,, STAAR Performance Standards, STAAR 3–8 Performance Standards Chart. There is jump in required scores from 5th to 6th grade is 47 basis points, 6th to 7th is 45 basis points and 7th to 8th is 26 basis points.

Mr. Rehak states that 23% of students cannot read at grade level, however, the STAAR test is not a test of a student’s ability to read and comprehend, it is a test that tests higher level thinking.

Mr. Rehak had interviewed with the TEA Party. They decided that Mr. Rehak’s idea of reading intervention is not conducive to a successful plan. He only issued a short-term solution and nothing long-term. However, teaching phonics is a much better plan that employs longer benefits to reading-comprehension. Implementing it at a young elementary stage does work, and long lasting effects. FACT: Mr. Rehak has also been endorsed by the Kingwood Democrats. Using his past livelihood to misrepresent facts is what he does, and very well.



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