Uncle Bill……

Bill Clinton has always been a smoothie.  Hell, look at all the women he’s lassoed into his coifs.   You think Monica Lewinsky will ever be able to get past that relationship?  Who knew that intern could ever become such a degrading term?  Interns and cigars, yeah Clinton was living the life in the White House.  I’m certain there were plenty to go around for him.

Recently, I have been wondering if he has been hanging around good old Grandpa Biden.  I mean Biden has so many gaffes it is hard to keep up with.  Can you imagine what Billy would have been up to if Hillary had won?  I would be willing to bet that he would be having the time of his life.  Although, if that were the case, I would almost be willing to bet he would be nearly six feet under by now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Hilly had him offed if he were having too much fun.

As we all have heard by now, Bill Clinton was on the campaign trail in Wisconsin to assist with the governor’s recall election to unseat Scott Walker.  According to Breitbart.com sources, there were only a couple of hundred people there compared to Governor Walker’s rally.  I suppose Clinton isn’t what he once was?  Let’s change focus to the Obama campaign shall we?

The Obama campaign has been attacking GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain capital, stating that he laid people off and shipped jobs overseas.  Well, often lost on the Obama administration is that he knew what it took to run a business.  As a matter of fact, he knows what it is to work as opposed to going and sitting in the Senate and voting “Present” on crucial bills.  Mitt made his money, not lived off the tit of the American taxpayer.

Coming to Mitt’s defense, and surprising as it is, Bill Clinton.  Clinton was quoted as saying that Romney’s record at Bain Capital was “sterling”.  I don’t know about you, but I hear the word sterling and I think spectacular or shiny.

Granted, Uncle Bill became the country’s first “black” president, an homage given to him by Maya Angelou, she is no slouch either.  But then you get the country’s first black president and suddenly during an election year we get our first “gay” president.  Looks to me like our first “black” president is screwing our first “gay” president, and there’s nothing the bitch can do about it.


Author: The Loud Conservative

Political diatribe and some humor thrown in the mix! Some stunning photos may appear from time to time also!

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